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    Globsite – Localization Tool for .NET
    The online tool for .NET software localization
    that provide easy collaboration with translators.
Release new .NET software into international markets quickly and easily.

Localizing your applications and making them available in new languages opens new markets and revenue streams. Globsite enables you to increase profits by making it easy to offer your software in multiple languages. With Globsite, you can work with your translators without them needing to wade through complicated programming code, giving up control of your source code, or without forcing them to install any additional software.


With Globsite the localization process of .NET applications is user-friendly and simple for both, developers and translators.

  • Create Project

    Create required resources in the project or import them from an external source. Define languages available in the project.

  • Assign Translators

    Manage translators assigning them to the project. Define which languages will be available for translators and select an original language.

  • Monitor Progress

    Browse statistics to monitor progress of work and to calculate wages for your translators.

  • Update Application

    Export translated resources to your application using defined filters or use the Globsite.Globalization library for more agile-friendly workflows.